Hello, this is MishMashMe

an experimental documentary
on how people are connected today. worldwide.
in reality and virtually

(including an interactive installation, many pink sticky-notes*,
and a new way of looking at the world)
MishMashMe is a cross-media project about people are connected, through the technologies of today – mostly through the internet.
All of us are included in this ever-growing network. Even those who don’t consider themselves active participants cannot ignore the fact that our world is changing.

But how does it change YOUR life?
Do you think our world is really coming closer together?
How do we look at the internet 20 years after its’ birth?

We went on a journey to several countries, speaking to many many different people on the streets – asking about their opinion, and connecting them in a different way (with our interactive installation). We were speaking to and collecting people from various cultural, geographical, religious and personal backgrounds.

And now? We are editing. The film.
Oh yes, now it’s time to get excited!
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