The MishMashMe installation makes it possible to become someone else

With the help of pink sticky-notes, you can “wear” other people’s heads, torsos, limbs and accessories! Didn’t you always want to see how it feels to be red-haired instead of blonde, old instead of young, tall instead of small, funny instead of serious? Cover yourself with sticky notes, create a new collaged person, and tell us how you feel about your new “self”!
Watch the trailer to see MishMashMe in action
BECOME A PART OF MISHMASHME, TOO! Wherever we stop on our journey, we take pictures of people we meet and add them to our database. If you can’t come to one of our stops along the way, you can register online and upload your picture!
MishMashMe is based on its predecessor “Digital Puppetry
made with openframeworks

v.0.1 programming by Rory Solomon and Cameron Browning.
v.0.2 programming / MishMashMe by Peter Vasil.
Thank You: Zachary Lieberman, Friedrich Kirschner,
Christiane Mahler, Damian Stewart, Marek Plichta.